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Salem County Parents Talk Special Education


When: Wednesday, February 19 @ 6:30pm 
Where: Upper Pittsgrove School District 
235 Pine Tavern Road 
Monroeville, NJ 08343 
Register Here: https://salemrt011920.eventbrite.com

“I know everything I need to know about special education and I am always successful in advocating for my child. I always know the best way to make sure she gets everything she needs.” said very few parents… ever.

Some parents always seem to know all the answers. Wouldn’t you like to know what they know?

Join us for this parent leadership roundtable. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with other parent leaders, school professionals and community members to share information, resources, tips and strategies to build skills and knowledge. Parents, professionals and system partners can work together to improve programs and outcomes for children with disabilities. This meeting will include a discussion of your rights and responsibilities as parents of children with special needs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Families will leave with the knowledge and strategies necessary to be equal partners in the special education process.

“Empowered Parents: Educated, Engaged, Effective!”